What Makes Our Company Unique?

Maintaining customer satisfaction is a crucial aspect of any business. For Novato Lumber & Fence, the key to achieving and maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction is simple: go above and beyond the industry standards on every job, regardless of its size.

Ross Arbor Custom by Novato Lumber and Fence“Some fence companies are preoccupied with getting a quick turnaround so they can maximize their profits, but we think it’s worth the extra time and effort to build fences that last,” says owner Marty O’Brien. “We believe that by investing additional time into our projects, we’re also investing in the longevity of our company by furthering our good reputation.”

Novato Lumber & Fence has been installing custom fences, arbors, gates, and retaining walls for residential and commercial clients in Marin, Sonoma, and Napa Counties since 1955. The company has the in-house capabilities to work on all styles of fences (including wood, aluminum, deer and hi-five wire panel), and it can also perform insurance-related work for the convenience of its customers.

Unlike less experienced fence contractors that take on too many projects at once and leave some of their customers waiting as a result, Novato Lumber & Fence focuses on providing fast, responsive correspondence for every client.

4x4 Mesh Gate Marin by Novato Lumber & Fence

Another distinguishing attribute of Novato Lumber & Fence is its commitment to using the highest-grade products available. “Some contractors will cut costs by using lesser quality products like con common wood/sap wood, which is something we simply refuse to do,” explains Mr. O’Brien. “Our customers can count on getting fences that are made from the best materials in the industry.”

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