Wood Fence Repair and Replacement by Novato Lumber and FenceQ: How long will it take to install my fence?

A: “It depends on a lot of factors, including the size, style and detail of the fence. There can also be unforeseen circumstances, such as finding concrete underneath where the fence is to be installed. Typically, it takes us three or four days to install a standard fence. “

Q: Why do you hammer nails by hand instead of using a nail gun?

A: “There are a couple of reasons. The first has to do with the quality of the nails—nail guns use electro-galvanized nails, but since we do it by hand, we’re able to use hot dip galvanized nails, which are more resistant to corrosion. Also, nail guns leave indentations in the fence boards, whereas framing by hand allows us to keep the nail heads flush. “

Q: Can you repair my existing fence?

A: “Yes. We can add extra posts to provide additional support or rebuild an entire section of the fence, both of which will extend its lifespan by at least another decade. “

Q: Do you install automatic gates?

A: “No, but we can refer you to a specialist who does. “

Q: Are you a lumber supply store?

A: “No, we just build fences. We’re called ‘Novato Lumber & Fence’ because we used to be two separate companies, one of which was a retail lumber yard. After all the big building supply chains started popping up, it wasn’t profitable for us to sell materials anymore, so we switched to solely performing fence installations. “

Q: How do you handle property disputes?

A: “With our years of experience, we’ve actually become pretty adept at working with different parties and getting both neighbors to agree on a suitable outcome. We’ll track down old property lines and settle the conflict. “